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Junior Info (2023-24)

Welcome to The Earlwood Wanderers Cricket Club

2023 – 2024 Junior Season Information Sheet

Welcome to the start of a new season at Earlwood Wanderers Cricket Club.  Rosanna Fagan and Carla Beheram are the club Co-Secretaries and your ‘go-to’ people for any issues regarding your child or the team. We along with the EWCC Committee aim for our children to enjoy the great game of cricket by providing the framework for the teams to play.  We have outlined below key details to ensure all are aware of the core components of participation for players and spectators during the season which will be updated along the way by Cricket Australia.

Season start and Age Groups

Season 2023 starts in September/October (depending on age group and goes through the end of March 2024…we’ll keep you informed by our website and Facebook page.  There is no play in the January school holidays. 

Age Groups are Stage 1(under 9), Under 11, Under 13, Under 15 and Under 17.  Note girls are permitted to play down two age groups until they turn 14.

What are the main items I get for my fees of $123

  • Use of team kit including bats, protective gear and balls for matches
  • Presentation day with trophies and catering
  • Dedicated volunteer management team
  • Use of training facilities and equipment
  • Insurance & association fees

How do I find out what team I am in and when do I collect my playing shirt and hat?

Your age co-ordinator will be in contact with you nearer the start of the season. So let us know if you change your email or phone number.  If you have a friend you would like to be teamed up with, let the Secretaries know at the email below.

Club Uniform

You need the club long sleeve shirt and a wide brimmed hat or baseball cap, which you can purchase with your registration. You also require a pair of long white cricket pants and a protector (Box), which can be purchased from Kingsgrove Sports, Greg Chappell Cricket Centre, or Rebel Sports. You will also need sports shoes.

We strongly encourage you to buy a helmet. Equipment is also supplied by the club.

Cricket training.

Cricket training is held once per week at Earlwood Oval or Beaman Park for 60-90 minutes. Your coach will arrange your training night.  Cricket is a team sport, and the team will play better if everyone comes to practice and participates in scheduled team activities.  Please try to be on time so we can finish on time, if you can’t make training, please have the courtesy to inform your coach.

  • Training provides the framework for development; however, players are largely responsible for their own development and continued practice outside of regular training is encouraged.  Your coach will help on techniques for you to focus.

Game Days. 

Games are held on a Saturday and start at 8.30am. (stage 1 also start at 11am). We play on ovals generally in the Canterbury Bankstown area, and you can expect only a few different venues from week to week. Please arrive at game day venue at least 30 minutes prior to start time so that the team can warm up as a whole and take to the field on time.  If you are unavailable for a game, please let your coach know in advance.

Volunteers, Coaching, Scoring and Umpires

Like all community clubs we are all volunteers.  We strongly encourage parents to participate in the team with their child. The club does not provide coaches for the teams, they are sourced through the parents/ carers of the players.   We ask that you contribute some of your time toward your team.  If you would like to coach, we do provide Community Coaching seminars through Cricket NSW. You will also be required to obtain a Working With Children Clearance.  We always need parents to score.  We shall provide as much assistance as we can regarding the rules for each age group.  We learn as we go. If you are able to assist, even just occasionally please let us know. Without the involvement of parents and careers we cannot operate.  If your team is unable to source a coach, your team may be required to hire one at additional expense. Please check out our link on our website for Cricket NSW volunteer guidance and help

MyCricket App. Is moving to Player HQ

Of course, we have an app for it!  Cricket Australia operates the PlayHQ App. Information will be held on the Earlwood Wanderers web site and facebook page. You can download the PlayHQ App on your phone and from there you will see where games are held, follow scoring in real time and check out your stats.  Carers will enjoy learning how to score on the PlayHQ App. You can also read the rules for your age group.

EWCC Sun Smart Policy

Reducing children’s exposure to UV radiation, particularly in the first 15 years of life significantly reduces their risk of developing skin cancer later in life. The following policy is endorsed by the EWCC committee and applies to all junior cricketers registered with the club.

Clothing- Long cricket pants and club long sleeve shirts are to be worn on game day.  Hats (both wide brimmed and baseball style caps) and shirts are available for purchase from the club.  It is a club policy that no fielder be hatless. Players are permitted to remove hats whilst bowling.

Sun Cream- At least 30+ broad-spectrum, water-resistant sun cream should be applied before the game and again during the morning tea break to all areas of exposed skin. Shade – When not taking part in the game or warming up players should seek a shaded area. Hydration- Water is the best form of hydration and players should have frequent drinks during the game at scheduled breaks and when not involved in the game directly.

EWCC Smoking Policy

As well as being role models for our children smoking is banned in spectator areas at public sports under Section 6A of the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000. On the spot health department fines of $300 may apply to individuals who smoke in spectator areas at public sports grounds or other recreational areas during organised sporting events.


A high standard of behaviour is expected at the club.  Players and parents MUST respect the rules, coaches, officials, teammates and opponents, without them there would be no competition.  THE UMPIRE’S WORD IS FINAL. NO parent or spectator is allowed on the field.  If your teammate makes an error, encourage them, don’t put them down and no form of bullying is permitted.  Display good sportsmanship, appreciate the skill of your team mates and opponents, learn from it and enjoy the game for the games sake and above all have fun. 

Representative Cricket.

All EWCC players are eligible to be selected for Canterbury & Western Suburbs Cricket Association (CWSCA) teams from 11’s to Under 17’s competitions.  Representative cricket offers players an opportunity to play at a high standard and get higher level coaching in a more competitive environment.  For information please visit

What if I have any concerns or questions?

Refer to our website and Facebook page for updates and contact details.  Email:

Enjoy your cricket and again welcome to the season.

Rosanna Fagan and Carla Beheram

EWCC Co-Secretaries

We would like to thank our major sponsor, Earlwood Bardwell Park RSL and Sports Club.